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UK-printed and framed artwork direct to your home

Our collection was built in 2023 but it’s foundations were first dug in the 1990’s as the members of the NoC team bring together decades of experience from the home interiors industry; delivering UK-designed product en masse to Europe’s leading retailers and interior designers.


Founded with a passion for elevating home aesthetics, our curated collection features a harmonious blend of timeless designs. We understand that your home is a reflection of your personality so we offer as wide a choice as possible; classic, contemporary, vintage and the obscure. We proudly print and frame our artwork in the UK.

Our Vision

To offer as broad a choice as possible online so that you don't need to trawl through the high street 'Galleries'.

Our Mission

To deliver a curated collection of affordable, premium quality, framed artwork, decorative accessories, lighting and rugs to a wider audience.

Our Process

We source from the world's finest galleries and archives. We offer a simple choice of frames to let you decide and deliver within days of your order.

Already framed and ready to hang

From the fun of reproduction vintage posters to the more formal classic artwork, we take great care to produce a quality, finished product. All frames are finished as lovingly on the reverse as the subject on the front deserves. Your order will be ready to hang, straight out of the box. The smallest frames have a single tooth fixing and the larger sizes are strung. Straight from our workshop to your door.

Two Architectural renders of an Athenian Villa by Edward Jones hang above a fireplace in a London home.

Beyond the walls

The art is just the start.

We’re working on delivering a full collection of home accessories, lighting and rugs and will edit the collection continuously.

FRANZ MARC prints hang on a living room wall in London.

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