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Mikuláš Galanda’s Mother and Child


The print is mounted within an off-white board, glazed and presented in our classic Cambridge frame.

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Explore Modern and Abstract Artwork

Discover a Diverse Collection

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of modern and abstract artwork with our diverse collection, featuring a wide range of styles, colours, and compositions. From bold geometric patterns to fluid, organic forms to statement block prints, our collection offers something to inspire and captivate every art lover. We’re sure you’ll find something to cherish such as this, Mikuláš Galanda’s Mother and Child.

Variety of Size and Frame Options

Find the perfect piece to complement your space with our modern and abstract artwork, available in a variety of sizes and frame options. Whether you’re looking for a small accent piece to add visual interest or a large statement artwork to anchor your room, our collection has something to suit every space and style.

Experience the Allure of Modern Art

Experience the transformative power of modern art and its ability to evoke emotion, provoke thought, and inspire creativity. Our collection celebrates the innovative spirit of modern artists, showcasing their bold experimentation with colour, form, and composition.

Influence of Abstract Art

For further insights into the allure of modern art, we recommend exploring our suggested resource: IdeelArt’s Influence of Abstract Art. Delve into the evolution of abstract art and its profound impact on modern and contemporary design, and gain a deeper understanding of its enduring appeal.

Modern art encompasses a diverse range of styles, movements, and expressions that emerged in the late 19th to mid-20th century. It rejects traditional forms and explores new ways of representation, reflecting the dynamic social, cultural, and technological changes of the modern world.

Explore our full collection of modern and abstract artwork today and find the perfect piece to elevate your space. Visit our website to see the full collection of Modern and Abstract framed prints that complement Mikuláš Galanda’s Mother and Child.

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37cm x 50cm, 56cm x 73cm, 73cm x 98cm




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