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Set of Chinese Boat Prints (1850)


The print is mounted within an off-white board, glazed and presented in our classic Cambridge frame and also available in our St Germain gold frame or Cotswold.

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Chinese Artwork Depicting Sea Vessels from the 19th Century

Introduction to 19th Century Chinese Maritime Art

The 19th century was a period of significant maritime activity and exploration, vividly captured through Chinese artwork depicting sea vessels here with Set of Chinese Boat Prints (1850). These exquisite paintings offer a glimpse into the rich maritime history and the skilled craftsmanship of Chinese artists.

Features of 19th Century Chinese Maritime Art

Chinese artwork from the 19th century often features intricate depictions of sea vessels, ranging from merchant ships to grand naval fleets. These paintings are characterized by their detailed representation of the ships’ structures, the bustling activity on board, and the surrounding seascapes. The use of vibrant colors and fine brushwork brings these maritime scenes to life, showcasing the artists’ mastery and attention to detail.

Historical Significance

These artworks not only highlight the technical prowess of Chinese artists but also provide valuable insights into the maritime culture and trade practices of the time. The depiction of various sea vessels reflects the importance of trade and commerce in 19th century China, illustrating the country’s connections with other parts of the world.

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For those interested in exploring similar images, visit North of Chelsea. This collection offers a wide range of prints that capture the essence of 19th century Chinese maritime art, providing a deeper understanding of the era’s cultural and historical context.

Further Information

To learn more about similar artwork and the conservation efforts surrounding these historical pieces, visit Royal Museums Greenwich. This resource offers detailed information on the conservation of Chinese pith paintings and the significance of these artworks in the broader context of maritime history.


Chinese artwork depicting sea vessels from the 19th century is a testament to the country’s rich maritime heritage and the exceptional skill of its artists. These paintings offer a captivating look into the past, highlighting the intricate details of sea vessels and the bustling maritime activity of the era. To explore more about this fascinating art form, visit North of Chelsea and Royal Museums Greenwich.

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