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Robert Henri’s Indian Girl in White Blanket


The print is mounted within an off-white board, glazed and presented in our classic Cambridge, Cotswold or Set Germain Gold frames.

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Discover Robert Henri’s “Indian Girl in White Blanket” Artwork

Explore the Captivating Portrait

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Robert Henri’s “Indian Girl in White Blanket.” This iconic portrait, created by the celebrated American artist, captivates viewers with its evocative portrayal of Native American identity and culture.

Step into the world of Robert Henri as you encounter the mesmerizing gaze of the “Indian Girl in White Blanket.” Henri’s masterful brushwork and keen attention to detail bring the subject to life, capturing the dignity, resilience, and quiet strength of the indigenous woman.

The juxtaposition of the girl’s serene expression against the stark white blanket creates a striking visual contrast, inviting contemplation of the complexities of identity and heritage. Henri’s sensitive portrayal pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Native American communities while transcending time and place.

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Learn More About Robert Henri

Deepen your understanding of Robert Henri’s life and artistic legacy with comprehensive resources and insights.

Uncover the fascinating story behind Robert Henri and his pioneering contributions to American art. Delve into his biography, artistic influences, and the enduring impact of his work on subsequent generations of artists.

Explore the life and works of Robert Henri in greater detail through authoritative sources and scholarly analysis, including his renowned masterpiece, “Indian Girl in White Blanket.”

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37x50cm, 56x73cm, 73x98cm


Black/Gold, Cotswold, Gold


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