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Joseph Constantine Stadler’s Egyptian Water Lily


The print is mounted within an off-white board, glazed and presented in our classic Cambridge frame.

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Discover the Beauty of Joseph Constantine Stadler’s Egyptian Water Lily


Immerse yourself in the mesmerising world of botanical art with this exquisite depiction of the Egyptian Water Lily by Joseph Constantine Stadler. Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and botanical accuracy, Stadler’s artwork captures the timeless beauty of nature’s flora.

Delve into Stadler’s Masterpiece:

Step into a realm of botanical splendor as you delve into Stadler’s masterpiece, the Egyptian Water Lily. Marvel at the delicate intricacies of each petal and leaf, rendered with precision and grace by the artist’s skilled hand.

Explore the Collection:

Browse our curated collection of botanical artworks and discover Stadler’s Egyptian Water Lily alongside other stunning pieces inspired by the natural world. Each artwork offers a glimpse into the artist’s reverence for nature and his unparalleled ability to capture its essence on canvas.

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Learn More About Joseph Constantine Stadler:

For a deeper appreciation of Stadler’s artistic legacy, delve into his works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Explore the intricate details of his botanical illustrations and uncover the story behind each masterpiece.


Experience the timeless allure of Joseph Constantine Stadler’s Egyptian Water Lily and let its beauty inspire you. With its captivating charm and botanical accuracy, Egyptian Water Lily by Joseph Constantine Stadler, continues to enchant art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, serving as a testament to Stadler’s enduring legacy as a botanical artist.

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37cm x 50cm, 56cm x 73cm, 73cm x 98cm




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