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Sydenham Teak Edwards’s Passion flower


The print is mounted within an off-white board, glazed and presented in our classic Cambridge frame.

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Discover Sydenham Teak Edwards’s Passion Flower

Delve into Botanical Splendour

Uncover the Intricacies of Passion flower by Sydenham Teak Edwards.

Sydenham Teak Edwards’s portrayal of the Passion Flower captivates with its intricate details and vibrant hues. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this botanical masterpiece, as each petal and filament is brought to life with remarkable precision.

Sydenham Teak Edwards: A Botanical Luminary

Explore the Artist Behind the Artwork

Learn about the life and work of Sydenham Teak Edwards, a renowned botanical artist whose passion for plants shines through in his meticulous illustrations. Discover his contributions to the field of botanical art and his enduring legacy in the world of botany.

Expand Your Botanical Collection

Enhance Your Home with Nature’s Elegance

Browse through North of Chelsea’s collection for similar images that capture the essence of botanical beauty. Elevate your living space with stunning artworks that celebrate the diversity and splendor of the natural world.

Rediscover Nature’s Wonders

Celebrate the Diversity of Plant Life

Rediscover the marvels of nature through Passion flower by Sydenham Teak Edwards. From its intricate petals to its delicate tendrils, each element of the artwork invites you to appreciate the beauty and complexity of plant life.

More About Sydenham Teak Edwards

Dive Deeper into the Artist’s World

For a deeper insight into Sydenham Teak Edwards’s botanical expertise, visit the Orchid Study Group’s website. Explore his biography and discover more about his passion for plants and his significant contributions to botanical illustration.

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37cm x 50cm, 56cm x 73cm, 73cm x 98cm




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