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Mary Vaux Walcott, Umbrella Tree


The print is glazed and offered in our classic Cotswold frame.

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Explore Mary Vaux Walcott’s Umbrella Tree

Discover the Timeless Beauty of Nature

Immerse yourself in the exquisite beauty of Umbrella Tree by Mary Vaux Walcott, a stunning botanical illustration capturing the essence of this iconic flower in meticulous detail. Let its delicate petals and lush foliage transport you to a serene garden oasis.

Mary Vaux Walcott: Celebrating a Botanical Artist

Uncover the Legacy of a Pioneering Illustrator

Learn about the life and artistic contributions of Mary Vaux Walcott, a celebrated botanical artist known for her exceptional talent and passion for capturing the intricacies of the natural world. Explore her journey from amateur naturalist to renowned illustrator and her enduring impact on botanical art.

Expand Your Botanical Collection

Discover Similar Natural Treasures

Enhance your botanical collection with similar images available at North of Chelsea. Explore a curated selection of artworks celebrating the diverse beauty of flora and fauna, each meticulously rendered to capture the essence of nature’s wonders. Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with these timeless pieces.

Dive into Walcott’s Artistic Technique

Gain Insights into the Artist’s Process

Delve into Mary Vaux Walcott’s artistic technique and discover the meticulous attention to detail that defines her work. Explore the delicate brushstrokes and vibrant colors that bring each botanical specimen to life, and gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry behind these captivating illustrations.

Elevate Your Living Space

Bring Nature Indoors with Grace

Transform your living space with the timeless elegance of Umbrella Tree by Mary Vaux Walcott. Choose from a range of framing options to complement your decor and create a focal point that celebrates the beauty of the natural world. Let the charm of botanical artistry breathe new life into your home.

More About Mary Vaux Walcott

Explore the Smithsonian American Art Museum

For further insights into Mary Vaux Walcott’s life and work, visit her page on the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s website. Discover additional artworks, biographical information, and resources that illuminate the remarkable legacy of this pioneering botanical artist.

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37cm x 50cm, 50cm x 67cm, 67cm x 93cm




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