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Edward Joseph Lowe’s Anemidictyon Phyllitidis


The print is mounted within an off-white board, glazed and presented in our classic Cotswold frame.

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Ferns: British and Exotic (1856-1860) – A Botanical Masterpiece


Step into the enchanting world of botanical illustration with our Anemidictyon Phyllitidis by Edward Joseph Lowe. We’ve chosen a selection from his study, Ferns: British and Exotic (1856-1860). Delve into the intricate details of fern species captured in exquisite detail and explore the fascinating story behind this timeless work of art.

Exploring Lowe’s Ferns:

Lowe’s Ferns: British and Exotic (1856-1860) is a testament to the beauty and diversity of the plant kingdom. Each delicate frond is meticulously rendered, showcasing Lowe’s keen eye for detail and his passion for botanical exploration. From the lush forests of Britain to the exotic landscapes of distant shores, this collection transports viewers to botanical realms both familiar and exotic.

Discover More:

Visit North of Chelsea to explore Lowe’s Ferns: British and Exotic (1856-1860) and other captivating works of natural world art. Our curated collection celebrates the wonders of nature through the eyes of talented artists, offering a diverse range of botanical illustrations, wildlife paintings, and more.

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Learn About The Artist:

For insights into Edward Joseph Lowe’s life and work, visit his Wikipedia page. Learn about Lowe’s contributions to the field of botany and discover the legacy of his remarkable botanical illustrations, which continue to inspire and educate generations of nature enthusiasts.

Anemidictyon Phyllitidis by Edward Joseph Lowe is a timeless masterpiece that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Immerse yourself in the intricate world of ferns and discover the magic of botanical illustration with this iconic work of art.

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37x50cm, 56x73cm, 73x98cm




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