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Ohara Koson’s Two Peacocks on a Tree


Beautifully reproduced and printed & framed in the UK, this is a reproduction of the original by Ohara Koson.

The print is glazed and presented in our Cotswold frame.

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Explore “Two Peacocks on a Tree” by Ohara Koson


Experience the breathtaking beauty of “Two Peacocks on a Tree” by Ohara Koson, a masterpiece capturing the grace and freedom of geese soaring through the sky.

Majestic Artistry

Koson’s attention to detail and mastery of composition transport viewers into the the observation of a pair of majestical peacocks on a branch, evoking a sense of awe and wonder.

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Discover this stunning artwork in various sizes and formats, ensuring it perfectly complements your space and enhances your decor.

Learn More About Ohara Koson

Artist Profile

Delve into the life and work of Ohara Koson on Wikipedia, where you can learn more about his contributions to Japanese art.

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Elevate Your Space

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the artwork and transform your space with the timeless elegance of avian-inspired artistry.

Perfect Fit

Select the size and format that best suits your aesthetic preferences, and experience the joy of bringing the natural world into your surroundings.

Explore Further

Japanese artwork spans centuries of rich cultural heritage, encompassing a diverse array of styles, techniques, and themes. From traditional woodblock prints like ukiyo-e to contemporary manga and anime, Japanese art captivates with its intricate details, vibrant colours, and profound symbolism. Influenced by nature, mythology, and everyday life, Japanese artwork reflects a deep reverence for harmony and balance. Whether exploring the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms or the dynamic energy of samurai warriors, Japanese art continues to inspire and enthrall audiences worldwide.

Visit our website to discover “Two Peacocvks on a Tree” by Ohara Koson and explore a world of avian-inspired beauty waiting to adorn your walls.

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38x50cm, 50x68cm, 68x92cm




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