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Beach at Low Tide by Edgar Degas


The print is mounted within an off-white board, glazed and presented in our classic Cambridge, Cotswold, St Germain (gold) or unmounted in our mid century plain Mahogany frames.

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Beach at Low Tide by Edgar Degas

Introduction to Beach at Low Tide

Beach at Low Tide by Edgar Degas is an exquisite piece that captures the quiet beauty and calm of a beach at low tide. This artwork highlights Degas’s ability to portray natural landscapes with a unique and captivating perspective.

Features of Beach at Low Tide

Beach at Low Tide showcases Degas’s skill in capturing the subtleties of light, colour, and texture in a coastal setting. The artwork features a serene beach scene where the receding tide has left intricate patterns on the sand. Degas’s use of muted colors and delicate brushwork brings a sense of tranquility to the scene, making it a visually soothing piece.

Composition and Style

Degas’s composition in Beach at Low Tide is both simple and profound. The expansive beach, with its wet sands and scattered seaweed, leads the viewer’s eye towards the horizon where the sky and sea meet. The soft, pastel colours and gentle shading create a realistic yet ethereal atmosphere, characteristic of Degas’s landscape works.

Historical Context

Edgar Degas is primarily known for his works depicting dancers, but his landscapes, like Beach at Low Tide, demonstrate his versatility as an artist. This piece, painted in the late 19th century, reflects Degas’s interest in capturing everyday moments with a keen observational eye and an emphasis on atmospheric effects.

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Learn More About Beach at Low Tide

To gain more insight into Beach at Low Tide by Edgar Degas, visit the Art Institute of Chicago’s page on the artwork. This resource provides detailed information about the piece, including its historical background and artistic significance.


Beach at Low Tide by Edgar Degas is a stunning artwork that beautifully captures the serene beauty of a beach at low tide. Its delicate composition and calming palette make it a timeless piece suitable for any art lover’s collection. Discover more inspiring seascapes at North of Chelsea and bring the tranquility of the coast into your home.

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